Causes of Vulnerability: Political Instability

As human beings, we all thrive on stability. When events occur around us that affect that stability, things can start to spin out of control quickly. As we near the end, hopefully, of the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances in our world are anything but stable. While this instability may be new to many of us, many others around the world live with some level of instability every day. Political, financial, and community instability are some of the leading causes of vulnerability to human trafficking. In these times, the instability is ratcheted up significantly, which increases people’s vulnerability to get involved in trafficking. Over the next three days, we will discuss each of these sources of instability and how they contribute to human trafficking.

Politics is an interesting topic when it comes to any subject, but in this instance, COVID-19 seems to have become a political football. Governments are instituting the shut downs, isolation, and quarantine of billions of people around the world. Some blame governments for being too rigid, while others blame governments for being too lax. Without clear direction and a common vision for a way forward, citizens are forced to adopt their own solutions, and this often creates a tense environment. Radical groups on both sides vie for control of the response, and people are caught in a trap of misinformation, chaos, and sometimes even violent vigilante activity.

Many of us can close and lock the doors to our house and exist in relative security, but what about those who are homeless, addicted, or are uneducated about the dangers that exist of becoming caught up in human trafficking as a victim or even as a trafficker? Our systems of government create broad parameters, rules, and expectations for orderly life, but when governments become unstable, vulnerability increases. As travel rules are relaxed and economies restart, we will see an unprecedented rise in the number of people who are vulnerable to becoming involved in trafficking.

HOPE61 is committed to being on the front lines in equipping local churches all over the world to reduce this increased vulnerability and prevent human trafficking. As Giving Tuesday arrives next week, will you stand with us to help provide the resources needed for HOPE61 trainers to get this needed job done?

By Tom Overton, HOPE61 Global Director

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