The Power of the Gospel

HOPE61 national trainer Emmanuel “Emma” Luswata lives with his wife and two children in Kampala, Uganda, where he is the lead pastor at Holy Ghost Cathedral.

In the midst of the pandemic lockdowns and quarantines, Pastor Emma could not hold church services or lead HOPE61 trainings. But he refused to let the pandemic stop the preaching of the Gospel or the message of HOPE61, so he looked for other ways to get the message out. He contacted a local radio station and secured airtime three days a week from 12:00–1:00 p.m.

The audience hears the Gospel message during each broadcast, and they are learning about human trafficking. He specifically encourages those listening to consider how they can use their gifts and talents to help and bless people in the community who are vulnerable or marginalized, which is one of the key aspects of HOPE61’s vision to prevent human trafficking. In the last few months, 31 people have called the program to give their lives to Christ (although the total number of people who have made that commitment is likely much higher than that because many do not have a phone).

Pastor Emma shared about an incredible phone call from a Muslim man who was listening. He confessed that he had been a trafficker, tricking people into going to the Middle East for work only to be enslaved when they arrived. He repented of his sins of trafficking, apologized to those he had hurt, and invited Christ into his life as Lord and Savior.

The power of the Gospel is mighty, which is the reason HOPE61 always places the Gospel in the very center of everything we do. The pandemic could have stopped HOPE61 in our tracks, but thanks to the willingness of trainers like Pastor Emma, looking for new and different ways to get the message across, the work continues to end human trafficking!

By Tom Overton, HOPE61 Global Director