Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead The worldwide shut down caused by the COVID-19 virus continues, although breaks are starting to appear in the cloudy skies. I pray and hope that we are nearing the end of widespread isolation and quarantine across the globe. At HOPE61, we have been using this time to work on many important projects and

You Will Not Fear

You Will Not Fear The worldwide shutdown of activity due to the COVID-19 virus has significantly impacted the ministry of HOPE61. We are certainly not alone, as nearly every business, ministry, and individual on the planet has been impacted in major ways. All of our ENGAGE and MULTIPLY trainings around the world have been suspended

God Is Bigger

God Is Bigger My trip to India in January was a beautiful example of the depth and beauty of God’s people. Experiencing the diversity of the body of Christ is one of my favorite aspects of traveling with HOPE61. The colorful culture and traditions, the flavorful food (I miss having puri bread at every meal),

Equipping the Churches in Japan

Equipping the Churches in Japan “We didn’t know that happens here.” “Really? Here? Are you sure?” That is the overwhelming response whenever I share about human trafficking in Japan. People don’t want to believe that something so terrible happens in a country like Japan. On January 6, I led an ENGAGE training with Asahikawa Gospel